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Benefit from decades of experience with connection solutions

Fasteners & connection solutions

  • Mounting systems for printed circuit boards
  • (LED) Spacer - Self-adhesive, with metric thread
  • Spacer rollers
  • Printed circuit board guides
  • Plastic expanding rivets / expanding fasteners
  • Drive pins & blind rivets
  • "Clinch Rivets"
  • "Pine tree" clip and removable fastenings
  • Plastic screws (slotted & Phillips; flat & pan-head)
  • Washers, bolt insulators, bushes, caps & nuts
  • Enclosure feet with and without spreader fastening

We are known throughout Germany for our quality and fair prices. Americom GmbH stands for excellently trained specialists who deliver quality through experience. From the managing director to the employee, the motto is: Actively solve the problem and produce quality!

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Advice & Service

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Phone +49 (0)8171 63 48 6
Mail: mail@americom.de

Office hours
Mon - Thu 09:00 - 12:30 & 13:30 - 16:00

Fri 09:00 - 12:30

Product categories


Bolts are simple and inexpensive fasteners. Unlike rivets, they can be released quickly and are therefore often used in transport and scaffolding.


Whether in industry or in the office, cable management systems are essential for a safe and organised working environment. Americom offers a selection for all requirements.


Spacers are small metal or plastic parts that hold space between two components and thus align them correctly for smooth operation.


LED spacers ensure sufficient distance between the luminaire and the surrounding material. We supply plastic spacers in various designs.


Rivets are elements for creating a fixed connection between two flat parts lying on top of each other. Expandable fasteners are also available in detachable versions.


Screws are the most common fastener in industry and trade. At Americom you will find a large selection of different plastic screws and matching accessories.


Enclosures are used in a wide variety of industrial and electronic applications. In addition to enclosure feet, we also offer enclosure accessories, rotary dampers and door latches.


As experts in connecting parts and fastening solutions, we supply car manufacturers and suppliers. Meeting delivery deadlines is our top priority.


If you cannot find what you are looking for in our large selection, please contact us. We supply customised special solutions and special products for special projects.

Americom stands for service, quality and top conditions

We can advise you on customised special designs and help you with the development. We can have components manufactured according to your specifications as part of our delivery programme.

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