Help and frequently asked questions

Q: What is the minimum order quantity and what are/mean units on your website?

A: Prices on our website refer to the minimum order quantity per item (i.e. one unit). A unit (1) for plastic articles is almost always 1,000 pieces. For metal articles, a unit is 100 pieces and the price is also shown for 100 pieces (one unit). However, larger plastic and metal articles can be delivered u.U. in smaller quantities than 1,000 / 100 pieces per bag.

Please note that a minimum quantity surcharge of €10 may be incurred for metal items (for small quantities of a few 100 pieces). There are also set-up costs for intermediate sizes. The exact costs will be communicated to you with your enquiry / order.

Q: Why does "only" appear when I add an item to the shopping basket and not "order"?

A: First of all, we are only active in the B2B area, d.h.. Only when you have registered and have been activated can you also order (permanently) via our website. By "enquiring" - which appears first - we would like to offer you an optimal service (be it to inform you about the optimal delivery time or, in case of urgent need, to be able to offer you an alternative article that is currently available "from stock"). As soon as your enquiry (or order) has been completed via our website (shopping basket), we will contact you immediately and, if applicable, you will receive an official order confirmation for your order. Our experience has shown us that complaints can also be avoided in this way.

Q: How high are your shipping costs, because it is only indicated that shipping costs may be incurred?"

A: Shipping costs depend heavily on the size of the parcel and the weight of the goods.
We do not charge a flat-rate shipping fee. At present, the minimum for a parcel is €5 net and a maximum of €10 for larger parcels within Germany. You will find the exact shipping costs on your official order confirmation and invoice. We ship via DPD. If a delivery consists of several parcels, we will deliver via our forwarding agent. You are also welcome to instruct your freight service provider to collect the goods from us.

Q: I don't always need a full unit (1,000 or 100 pieces). Is it also possible to get smaller quantities and what do I do if I need larger quantities afterwards?

A: Of course you can also enquire / order small quantities from us. Quantities outside of our standard packaging unit could possibly cost a little more. More favourable conditions are also possible for larger quantities. Simply give us a call or send us an e-mail. If you need an answer quickly, you can also ask us a question directly via chat on our website during business hours.

Q: "How many free samples can I order from you?"

A: You will receive a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 free samples of our plastic products. For our metal items, it is about 3 to max. 5 pieces.

Q: "How long is the delivery time for my order for your articles and why is "ex works" displayed on your website?

A: If the goods are available from our warehouse in Geretsried, they will be dispatched on the same day if possible. If your desired goods are not available from our warehouse in Geretsried, the delivery time is approx. 4 weeks. Min. 2 weeks and in extreme cases approx. 6 weeks. If you are ordering an item from us for the first time and you need this item more often / repeatedly, please let us know. We will then keep this item in stock so that we can dispatch your next order, possibly on the same day. In the near future, we will also display the exact number of items in stock on our website. Then we will no longer only display "ex works".

Q: "I would like to know the status of my consignment, who should I contact?

A: As a registered customer (via our website) you can easily check the status online, or you can call us, write us an e-mail and ask a question directly via our website (bottom right via chat).

Q: "I need my goods in the next few days and they are not available from stock. What can I do?"

Please let us know when you place your enquiry/order. The delivery costs of HK by express are often cheaper than you might think. A "small" parcel costs around €60 and would be delivered to you in around 2-3 working days.

Q: "I need a product that I unfortunately couldn't find on your website or I need one of your existing items, possibly slightly modified, what can I do?"

A: Simply send us your question by e-mail or give us a call. It is often sufficient if you give us the article number of another manufacturer. We can also have items manufactured according to your drawing specifications as part of our delivery programme. Here too, the costs for an injection moulding tool may be cheaper than you think. In this case, we will work out an optimised offer with our partners.

Q: "The guidelines in our company stipulate that we must only purchase goods directly from the factory to be manufactured. What can we do?"

A: There is also a solution for this. If this is the case, we can also deliver "ex-factory" and label the goods with your article number immediately from the factory. Simply give us a call / send us an e-mail and we will discuss all further details.

Q: "What payment options do you offer?

A: Our standard payment method is by invoice (10 days 2% or 30 days net). It is conceivable that we will also offer a payment system directly on our website in the near future. z.B. by credit card / PayPal etc.

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